Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Organizing a Boy's Room

Organizing Junkie hosts a monthly "Organizing Roundup". This month the category is children's bedroom organization. I am sharing how we "corral" :-) my son's room. I have found that boys tend to have more sets of toys than girls do - so we have a lot of tubs to keep everything sorted. Toys are so much more fun to play with when they are organized! :-) After years of hearing this, I think my children are starting to agree with me. ;-) Please visit the Org Junkie to check out more participants in this month's organizing roundup.

Under my son's bed we keep tubs of toys in two layers.
The ones in the back he doesn't play with as often.

His favorites are in the front.

More of his favorites are at the foot of his bed.

These tubs have have play sets in them.

These smaller tubs are in his closet.

I picked up these hanging cubes on clearance at Wal-Mart.
They were a little flimsy until my husband secured the shelves with tie wraps.

And here is a view of his whole closet. A small bookshelf organizes his books, board games and a few big toys. On the top shelf we keep suitcases, backpacks, and some more big toys as well as a few large tubs of baby/toddler toys to bring out when we have young guests.

All of the containers in my son's room are the Sterilite brand that Wal-Mart sells. I do take a lot of kidding about all of them. But, I accept my addiction (and so does my husband!) I joke that some women like diamonds...for me it's Sterilite tubs!


Dawn said...

I think the organization in your son's room is great. I love how every different set of toys has their own container. I love containers, too, and I have found they work wonders in children's rooms.

Ter said...

Great Job! And I love the containers!

I participated in the challenge this month too... the results are posted on my blog. ;)

Org Junkie said...

Well I'm in love :) Those containers are the best aren't they. Really I think it looks amazing. The closet looks so good. Wow!! Love "meeting" other junkies..he he.

Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

My favorite so far! Thank you for sharing. I obviously need me some contatiners!

megan said...

Came over from Organizing Junkie. His room looks great! That's an amazing amount of bins! I heart bins. Everything looks so inviting in bins. At least it does to me!

forgetfulone said...

That closet is fabulous! I love it!

Lisa said...

just awesome i will be back for more inspiration. I am tackling the toys and it is so overwhelming.