Sunday, July 13, 2008

Making a Bola - Part 2

After you have woven all four skeins of fun fur onto your bola, you are ready to remove the straws.

Push all of the fun fur off the straws and onto the yarn.

Cut the tip off of each straw to release the yarn.

Tie the end of your fun fur and the first two ends of yarn into a knot.

Then tie the fun fur and first two ends of yarn in a knot with the third end of yarn.

Continue to tie knots until all the ends are secure and then tie all the ends together in a knot two or three times.

Cut off the ends.

Push the knot inside and fluff the fun fur around to hide it.

Now that you have secured one end, lay out your bola completely and make it the length of your choosing by pushing the fur looser or tighter.

After doing this you are ready to tie up the other end in the same way as before.

And now your bola is complete! They look very nice with sweaters and turtlenecks in the winter. You can wear them any way you might wear a scarf - around your neck and over one shoulder, hanging down on either side of a jacket, or brought together and pinned with a broach. Done in a pink fun fur they make an excellent addition to a little girl's dress up box! :-)

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Kelli said...

It always feels great to finish a project! Your Bola is beautiful!