Saturday, August 23, 2008

Headin' Home


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Mrs H ~

I have enjoyed all of your postings
of your road trip. The pictures
are sure nice. Thanks for taking
the time to share all of the places
that you have visited.

Welcome to Kansas!

Enjoy a safe trip home!

Hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Hi again Mrs H ~

Did you visit the historic home and
museum of Laura Ingalls Wilder in
Mansfield MO?

We visited there a few years ago
and enjoyed it very much.

Hugs ~

Mrs. H. said...

Hi Terry,

Thank you for your sweet comments. I love the sunflower state! :-)

We visited Laura's home in Mansfield two years ago when my husband had a business trip to St. Louis. I loved being there. Especially her kitchen with the low counters that were just my size. ;-)

Kelli said...

It will feel wonderful to be home again, Mrs. H!

Scott and Kerri said...

Hi Mrs H.
I know the feeling of being ready to come home. What a beautiful vacation you are having! I am sure Daisy will be happy to see you!! Scott and I are going to North Carolina next week. It will be nice to get away. Last night I made your Easy Baked Beans, and the Spicy Potato Wedges with burgers. My guys are asking me to get more recipies off your blog! They love the recipies.
Love Kerri