Sunday, January 4, 2009

Living Room Organization

I am participating in this month's "Organizing Round-Up" contest hosted by Organizing Junkie. The month of December focus is on living rooms. I worked in the tv area of our living room on two spots that were needing attention.

Our Wii equipment organization left a lot to be desired. ;-)
And that is because, there was no organization! Everyone was just putting things where ever! I needed to make some "homes". A place for everything and everything in its place. :-)

Mr. H. suggested using baskets to store the controllers and the games. (What he actually said was ~ "Why don't you go buy some baskets to help organize this?" Now, if that's not speaking my love language, I don't know what is!)

Keeping the controllers in a basket will free up the small drawer
to store the remote controls and instruction manuals.

Our entertainment cabinet was also in quite a disarray!

I took every thing out, sorted through what I wanted to keep
and then arranged nicely what was left.
And now we have room to grow! ;-)

Thank you Laura for hosting the round-ups! I have enjoyed participating this year. :-)


Scott and Kerri said...

Mrs. H,
Your living room looks so lovely ! I love to organize and sort things out but I'm afraid I've let things go too long, now it looks like the impossible mountain of things to organize and keeps growing :) Maybe I'll work on a couple of shelves today :) Thanks for sharing :)

Mrs. H. said...

Hi Kerri,
A couple of shelves sounds great! Check back later this week - I hope to post my plan for organizing the house one baby step at a time! :-)

Still Learning said...

Can you come organize my Wii mess too? My game area is out of control to put it nicely.

kristi said...

looks great! we've been doing our own organizing around here. it helps me not want new furniture. (Okay, i still want the new furniture, but since i can't rush out and buy it, it helps me to be patient and wait...) and rick spent all weekend organizing the shed outside! it's amazing how good i can feel when things are neat and orderly. now, if only i could devise a system to KEEP them that way...

Jennifer said...

Wow - everything looks terrific! I am addicted to organzing..and I think you have inpsired me! "A place for everything...." definitely one of my favorite phrases!