Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Welcome Home

It has always been fun for me to prepare a welcome home for my husband when he has been away. If he has been gone for a week, one night or just for the day, I want him to know that his family has missed him in his absence. He works at home, from a home office, which we love, but we don't get the "Daddy's coming home from work" time each day. So, when he does leave the home, I want his return to be as pleasant as possible for him. Taking just a few minutes to think about his homecoming, and purposefully preparing for it, helps to make sure he is greeted with...

Good smells - something bubbling on the stove or something baking in the oven, a pot of coffee on, or just a good smelling candle burning

Good sights - a tidy home, or at the very least "his" areas tidy

Good sounds - minimal noise, television and radios off, washer and dryer stopped

Good tastes - a special treat, a stocked fridge of his favorite things is especially nice after a long trip away from home

If it is after dark - the porch light on, of course! soft lighting inside - a small lamp, nightlights

If it is cold outside - a fire in the fireplace, nothing says welcome home more than that! warm towels and bed clothes fresh from the dryer

And most importantly and probably most appreciated of all - a smile and a kind word!

What do you do to say welcome home? Please share your ideas in the comments if you would like. I would love to hear them. :-)


Giggles said...

When Mr. Giggles comes home and I have a candle (usually more!) burning, he almost always ask if a skunk sprayed under the house again!!!

Kelli said...

Phillip works from home, too, but when he goes out of town I do many of the same things to welcome him back!

Kim said...

When Mike gets home, I like to have a clean home, and a good meal cooking. Also, I like to ask him how his day went. I need to light candles more! Thanks for the reminder.