Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mr. H. is back!

Mr. H. decided to take over the kitchen again tonight.
And as usual, the results were delicious. :-)

He explained that there are two camps
when it comes to Philly Cheese Steak preparation.

Some cooks use a white cheese, such as provolone.

And some use...Cheez Whiz! :-)

He wanted to try the Cheez Whiz variety -
and his sandwiches were very, very good!

What I had scheduled for tonight,
I'll be cooking for Sunday dinner tomorrow. :-)

Thank you Mr. H. ~ I always enjoy a night off!


Mary said...

As someone who came from the Midwest, married a boy from Philly, and now calls Philadelphia home - I gotta let you know...when it comes to cheesesteaks -

You gotta have it "WHIZ WIT!" :)

Your husband made the right call!


Rona's Home Page said...

I love Provolone cheese!