Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our ~Grandy's Meal~ :-)

Growing up, one of my favorite fast food restaurants was Grandy's. :-) Fried chicken, baked beans, those rolls...yum! We don't have a Grandy's in our town, and actually the last time Mr. H. and I ate at one, it was before we had children and the establishment left a lot to be desired in the way of cleanliness and customer service! But...we still enjoy having "Grandy's" at home!

It is not a homemade meal in any sense of the word ;-)
but it's a super fast, go-to supper that the family loves.
Especially Mr. H. :-)

It starts with some really good fried chicken tenders, "fritter style".
These aren't your usual frozen chicken tenders!

Some good ol' fried okra, pre-breaded.

Instant (gasp!) mashed potatoes and brown gravy. ;-)

Baked beans, Grandy's style, with lots
of brown sugar and cracked pepper.

And those rolls...
Just a little butter and honey added to roll dough
before baking sure does remind us of those Grandy's rolls!

Our ~Grandy's Meal~ a favorite at Heritage Schoolhouse. :-)


Teresa said...

I haven't been to Grandy's in about 10 years! Hoping to get to one this summer when we visit hubby's family! You are right, last time I went there it was dirty and had gone down hill a lot.

Giggles said...

Sounds sooo good. I miss home cooked meals when I am gone. I will be eating a frozen dinner tonight for dinner.

Sibyl said...

Haven't been to a Grandy's in oh so long. All of them here have long gone. My hubby also loved that place. Might have to try your meal to remind him.

Thanks for the memories.


Kerri said...

Never heard of Grandy's, but living up north you know.... This sounds like a super easy and quick dinner! Look so good too! :) I used to love fried okra! I haven't eaten it since I was 7 years old! Wonder if I could find it up here?

Lara said...

Everything looks delicious. I've never heard of fritter-style tenders, I'll have to check my store for them! The Yorktowne forks are cute! :-)