Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Over Spring Break, we spent three nights
in Concan, TX at Neal's Lodges.
And enjoyed the beauty of the Frio River!


Lara (Under The Lilacs) said...

Cute photo of you with your pup! :-) I have near exact the same skin and hair coloring as you.. and that lip color you have on looks perfect!! Can you share what it is with me? Thanks!

Mrs. H. said...

I can see that, too, Lara. Our first names are similar, too. ;-)

I am probably wearing two colors together in this picture. I pretty much have worn the same makeup for 20 years! My everyday lipstick color is Covergirl Espresso, but since in the picture the color looks a little darker I probably put on a maroonish/red shade on top of that. Sorry I can't be more specific! :-)