Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harvesting and Learning

We are so thankful to be doing some harvesting 
along with a lot of learning with this garden.
The cucumbers are going crazy and we've learned 
to dig around in all  the vines because they tend to hide themselves quite well.
And they seem to grow, literally, overnight!

All the tomato plants are doing very well.
We are picking them at the very first sign of pink
and letting them ripen on the window sill.
Hopefully this way we will eat more tomatoes than the birds will. ;-)

We've got lots and lots of jalapenos
 and I've already used several
in enchiladas and homemade salsa.

Squash is doing great -
we can grow squash!! ;-)

The regular bell pepper plants aren't doing much,
but this Cajun Bell variety has lots of little ones appearing.

The corn's getting tall.

And, we found three baby watermelons today!

I just love the pretty blossoms.

I could sit outside and take pictures of them all day.
Mr. H. would probably like me to spend some of my picture-taking time 
for weed-pulling time! ;-)

This is an okra blossom!

The bees are doing their job,
that's for sure!

And, here are today's pickings. :-)

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free indeed said...

Can't believe your garden is so far advanced already! We've just bought our seed and are waiting for the ground to be dry enough to till. It will come however. I bought two flowering plants today; a gloriosa daisy and icelandic poppies. Have to get hubby to help with my planting area, but they should be in the ground in the next week or two...can't wait! Your garden looks wonderful!