Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The pool is open for the summer!

We had a lot of trouble keeping water in our pool last year 
at our new place. 
The ground looked level, but it wasn't!
This year Mr. H. spent several days preparing a level spot 
before he sat the pool up for the summer.

And, of course I was fascinated with the process!
First he used stakes and string to lay out the boundary 
and see how much drop there was in the ground. 

Then a dump truck backed through our yard
with a load of dirt.

It backed right up to the string boundary,

and dumped the load of dirt that Mr. H. had ordered.

It's too bad my four year old nephew wasn't here.

I have a feeling he would have thought the dump truck
was pretty cool. ;-)

Then Mr. H. removed the string and stakes,

and made a permanent form for the pool area.

Then it was time to spread the dirt!

He made an nifty little contraption to level the dirt.

When the ground was level,
he spread out a tarp 
and set up the pool.

And now I don't have to spend my summer
hollering at children to not lean on the side of the pool!!!
Which I might have said once
or a thousand times last year.;-)

Thank you Mr. H.!!!

The pool
is open!

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Kerri said...

I miss our pool! We had an above ground, and loved it. Since we've moved, and started our farm, it seems we don't have the time! Thankfully the lake is close by. :)