Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Daybook

August 3, 2013

Outside my window...

it's HOT!  Hot, hot, hot.  The kind of hot where when you go outside, 
you instantly break a sweat,  you do only what absolutely has to be done 
and then you decide that everything else can wait until the sun starts to set. :-)

I am thinking...

about back to school.  As soon as the calendar page changed to August 
I had to accept the fact that summer is winding down. ;-)  
I have two weeks left before I start back to work 
and the kids have three weeks.  

I am thankful...

that we've had such a nice summer - full to the brim
with family, friends, fun busy days, and lazy relaxing days. :-)

In the kitchen...

I've cooked and baked to my heart's content while I've had the time.

I am wearing...

a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flips

I am creating...

a calendar/schedule/plan for the school year.

I am going...

to Six Flags next weekend!  Woohoo!

I am wondering...

what the school year will hold.

I am reading...

Chicken and Egg - a memoir of suburban homesteading by Janice Cole
Hidden Places by Lynn Austin
Wagons West Independence! by Dana Fuller Ross
Thinking in Pictures - My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin

I am hoping...

to do a better job of being organized and staying on top of
my work at home than I did last school year.

I am looking forward to...

spending the afternoon doing some shopping
with my girl when she gets off of work.

I am learning...

more about working with special needs children.

Around the house...

I'm washing sheets and towels.
My daughter is at work.
And Mr. H., my son, and some of his friends are out working
in our shop that they are turning into a hangout/game room.  

I am pondering...

whether or not to clip the chickens wings again.
I love for them to free range,
but they have started to become a nuisance 
getting in the garden and eating tomatoes
and thinking the only place to poop is on our back porch!

A favorite quote for today...

"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always  been
the two most beautiful words in the English language."
Henry James

One of my favorite things...

right now are snow cones with cream added at

A few plans for the rest of the week:

spend as much time in the pool as possible ;-)
hopefully get to a few more little projects around the house
probably do some back to school shopping
maybe one last trip to the library and farm patch 

A peek into my day...


Lover of Sangria and Sunsets (yes, together) said...

I love the picture of Chupa.

Mrs. Homesteader said...

Saturday was incredibly hot and humid here. But over all it has been too cool to get in our pool the past week or so. Our kiddos are getting geared up for school. They are ready. Working on the homestead has I think made them ready to get back to the desks. :)

Anonymous said...

I also have went back to work at my kid's elementary school. Staying on top of work at home is always a challenge when school starts back. Would love to hear if you've came up with some good ideas...please share on your blog. I love looking at your blog..amazing how much we all have in common!!