Monday, September 22, 2008

It's the First Day of Fall! :-)

Autumn's Appeal

Swirling leaves of gold and crimson
Drifting on a chilly wind
Slowly settle in the meadow,
Heralding the summer’s end.

Sunlight fades a little faster
With the passing of each day,
Crops wait ready to be gathered –
Nature’s bounty on display.

Evening’s song grows ever softer
As birds start their southern flight,
While the first fire in the fireplace
Warms a cold and frosty night.

Autumn days bring sweet contentment,
Time to slow life’s hectic pace;
Time to linger in the beauty
Of fall’s majesty and grace.

~Ruth Fiori Poynor

illustration courtesy of
"Shades of Autumn" by Kent Wallis

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