Friday, October 24, 2008

Walkin' On Sunshine Day 19

I have a sick little boy at my house and wasn't able to get my walk in today. Was anyone else able to have a sunshine walk? We just have two more days left! I hope to work in two more walks this weekend. If you've been Sunshine Walking with me, be sure to check back in on Monday for a little surprise. :-)


Giggles said...

I walked back and forth down the halls at school several times during the day and walked around the playground during recess.

Lady Farmer said...

Whenever I have errands to do in town, I never seem to have time or energy to do anything when I get home.(Does walking around grocery stores and Wal Mart count?):~}

Deb said...

I was able to walk 20 minutes today but it was rainy in Ohio.