Sunday, November 23, 2008

Supper Menus
November 24th-29th

crispy tacos, refried beans, spanish rice
beef pot pie, lettuce and tomato salad, pumpkin harvest cookies
baked ziti, green salad, garlic bread
Thanksgiving dinner with family - taking green bean salad, turkey shaped butter cookies, and apple pie
creamy chicken casserole, black beans, tortilla chips
homemade pizza


Scott and Kerri said...

I'm still loving your menus!! Thank you, Thank you for posting them. I have some questions for you on a couple of items. Could you tell me how do you serve Pinto beans, black beans, and refried beans? We love them all but normally I just put them into something and not eat them by themselves. Do you just dump them out of the can and heat and serve them or do you do something special to them? Do you eat the canned ones or do you cook them from a dried state? I stocked up on the canned ones :) Your menus are so helpful to me and my family thank you for the time you take to post them and the recipes.
Love Kerri

Sherry said...

Great looking menu! We love ziti!

Have a great week and happy Thanksgiving! :D

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalm 34:8

Anonymous said...

It all looks yummy!

Org Junkie said...

Guess what! You won the Menu Plan Monday, A Month of Meals, giveaway, yay!!

Please send me an email and I'll make sure it gets out to you.


Mrs. H. said...


I think I can answer "yes" to all of your questions! haha! I serve pinto beans, black bean and refried straight out of the can and I also sometimes cook dried beans, depending on time constraints. I serve them as a side dish along with rice when we have fajitas, tacos, or enchiladas. When serving the pintos from the can, I rinse them, heat them up and add salt and other seasonings - garlic, cumin, etc. The canned black beans and refried beans, I heat and serve as is. I have cooked dry beans on the stove when I can watch them - takes about two hours or I put them in the crockpot when I'm away for the day - about 8 hours on high. Then I season them - salt (lots - my husband says I never put enough!), garlic, cumin, chili powder. Also, Fiesta Brand spices makes a "pinto bean" seasoning mix. Sometimes I cook them with bacon and sometimes not. Ok, I do believe I just wrote a novel about beans. ;-)

I'm so glad you are enjoying the menus and recipes! I so enjoy sharing - thank you for letting me know that it is helping you. :-)