Thursday, January 22, 2009

Casa Ole' Green Dip

4 avocados
1 (16 oz) container sour cream
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 (4 oz) can green chilis
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon lemon juice
3 oz cream cheese

Combine all ingredients and mix until smooth using a blender or food processor.

This really does taste just like the green dip at Casa Ole'! I was amazed. :-) My friend Giggles brought it to our annual couples christmas party last month and it was very popular! Thank you for the recipe Giggles!


Sibyl said...

Mrs. H

Thank you for this recipe. We really love going to Casa Ole. T he green sauce is always good. We will be making this in the next week or so.

Oh by the way I made your King Ranch Chicken last night, it was really a hit.


Elizabeth G. said...

yum! Thanks for sharing!

Scott and Kerri said...

This sounds like a dip my family would devour :) We love avacado! Thanks for sharing this.
Love Kerri

The Hydes said...

THANK YOU!!!! My mom and I were just talking about this dip a couple weeks ago. We are going to make it when I go visit her soon!

ilovemy5kids said...

Thanks so much for posting this...I can't wait to make it for my hubby. He took me there the night he asked me to marry him...years ago. Not too romantic rest. but totally our place! We don't have one where we live.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Sounds delicious...I used to eat at Casa Ole' in Beaumont, Texas when visiting family....LOVED IT!! But we have none thanks for sharing this recipe!

my3littlebirds said...

I found your blog via BooMama's Diptacular and will be making this for our big game (Marshall vs. West Virginia) tomorrow! Thank you : )

With Wings said...

Thank you so much for the recipe!!! It was great, just like Casa Ole. Yea!!! My daughter, granddaughter, and I made it for my husband's birthday today. He loved it too.