Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day at Heritage Schoolhouse

Mr. H. is pretty easy to please.
All he requested for Father's Day was...

chicken parmesan for Sunday dinner,

the new Mark Levin book,

and a restful afternoon.

He got all three...of course! :-)


Sharon said...

Sounds like the perfect Father's Day :) Thank you for visiting Mrs. H and have a blessed day!


Mary said...

The chicken parm looks yummy! :) I have been eying that book as well and hoping my local library gets it soon!

May be all be delighted and content with such small treasures! Your husband's humble requests are making me rethink my own habits - sometimes I get a huge case of the "gimmies!"

Step said...

A man after my own husband's heart! He has the Mark Levin book too and loves a good chicken parm. Yours looks quite yummy!

Jenn B said...

I got that book for my husband for his birthday and he loves it.