Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Huckleberry products were everywhere in Montana!
Huckleberry jams, huckleberry syrups, huckleberry candies,
huckleberry coffees, huckleberry candles and huckleberry lotions.
It was very hard to choose just one to sample.

"Growing amid the Rocky Mountains is a delicacy known to natives as the Wild Huckleberry. It's distinctive flavor makes it the most precious and highly valued wild berry available. They do not withstand transplanting or propagation and are not grown commercially. An abundant harvest, or lack of it, is determined by unpredictable elements such as frosts, adequate amounts of rainfall and sunlight. In late summer the berries are hand picked while they are at their sweetest. Using old family recipes, we at Huckleberry Mountain bring to you the finest most unforgettable taste treats made from nature's ultimate delicacy, the Wild Huckleberry."

I ended up choosing a milk chocolate
wild huckleberry truffle bar
to share with the family on the road.
They seemed to think I made the right choice. ;-)

It was just delicious and definitely rivaled Germany's "Milka" bars!

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