Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~Simple Christmas Joys~ Day 22

Christmas Cards

How lovely are the sentiments
Contained in Christmas cards,
As well as dear heartwarming scenes 
Of snowy trees and yards.

They never change so very much,
But who would want it so?
For Christmas seems to just belong
To cedar trees and snow.

The greetings on a Christmas card
Are precious as a gem
Because old neighbors and old friends
Send us their love with them...

Warming our hearts with loving words,
Making us know that they
Are thinking of dear bygone times
Upon this Christmas Day.

A holy wreath, a little church,
A lovely lighted door,
Some carol singers in the street,
The windows of a store -

All these are part of Christmas time,
Like cake and mistletoe,
Because a card arrived today
And sort of told me so.

From Christmas ideals 1973

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