Friday, January 21, 2011

Heritage Farm Fresh Egg vs. Store Bought Egg :-)

Mr. H. wanted to do a blind taste test!
I gave him a bite of the fresh egg first, 
then I gave him a bite of the grocery store egg.
The result?
He said the first bite he had was richer and had more flavor.


Giggles said...

I made egg salad sandwiches with farm fresh eggs for a luncheon at work and people kept asking me what I put in them to make it so yellow!

Kerri said...

Recently I had to purchase eggs. My chickens will be 2 in June, so this January they molted and didn't lay any eggs. It took all I had in me to pick up that carton in the store! Thankfully they are back to work, and getting the royal treatment (not that they weren't before). So thankful for farm fresh eggs! :)