Tuesday, February 8, 2011

260 in 260

The ladies of my congregation are starting a new Bible study "260 in 260".  I thought it was such a neat plan that I wanted to share the idea.

There are 260 chapters in  the New Testament and there just so happens to be 260 weekdays in a year...
So each weekday we'll be reading a chapter of the New Testament.  We are keeping notebooks  to take notes, summarize the chapter, and choose a favorite verse from each chapter.  Twice a month we get together to go over what we have read and share our notes.  

I thought I would share the reading plan on Monday each week throughout this year and also share the verse I choose each day.  Join in if you'd like to or, better yet, start a Bible study group of your own.  

We began last week.  To catch you up, here are the reading assignments through the end of this week.

January 31st - Matthew 1
February 1 - Matthew 2
February 2 - Matthew 3
February 3 - Matthew 4
February 4 - Matthew 5

February 7 - Matthew 6
February 8 - Matthew 7
February 9 - Matthew 8
February 10 - Matthew 9
February 11 - Matthew 10

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