Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Olive Garden~ at home!

We ate at "Olive Garden" this evening...
except we didn't leave the house. :-)

I tried a few recipes from the


paired with our family favorite

The recipes were big hits!
Especially the soup.  
Mr. H. said that Zuppa Toscana is his very favorite soup and he knew he would like it no matter what, but he was thrilled that it tasted exactly like the Olive Garden's.  He loved it!!

Thanks Jamie!


Shelly said...

Looks delicious! We have Olive Garden night at our house, too. However, I make the Chicken Gnocci Soup. I've teased my husband that I refuse to learn how to make his favorite, Steak Gorgonzola. He'd never take me there for date night again! Love your blog ~ I've incorporated many of your recipes into my cooking. My kiddos especially love your Farmhouse Chicken!

Kay said...

Look fantastic recipes!!