Thursday, April 7, 2011

Miss LuLu

Miss LuLu has been getting used to her new home.
She didn't eat much the first few days,
but she's started to really chow down during feeding time.

Besides eating,
she spends most of her time
scratching against the fence, 

(yes that's a smile!)

rooting (lots of rooting!),

getting to know the chickens,


burrowing in the hay,

and just generally being cute.


Jacqueline said...

oh. my. word. that little pink thing is gorgeous, absolutely adorable. can't think of a cuter way to start my day.

Leontien said...

My best friend in the Netherlands had a little miss LuLu like that! Brings back great memories!

She looks lovely!


Jennifer said...

Miss LuLu is so stinkin sweet!!! I've got a pet potbelly pig, named Porkchop, whos livin the good life on Our Little Farm :)

Teresa said...

She is adorable!

Millie said...

Does she like basking. That new home looks like it would be perfect for basking!