Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At the Ranch

Every so often I accompany Mr. H. when he heads out to his parent's ranch in central Texas.
Recently, his Mom and Dad had some repair work to do at the ranch,
and were planning to sell a couple of cows to pay for the supplies.
I was able to go along on this trip to help out.

Well... I'm not sure how much "help" I actually am,
but I do love to tag along. :-)

On the way I got to see some of the effects that the recent Texas wildfires have had on the area.
This picture is from a spot less than one mile from the ranch!
There was one night last month that our family thought the ranch was going to burn,
but we were extremely blessed and the firefighters were able to control the fire before it reached the ranch.
It wasn't until I saw this, though, that I realized how very close it got.

On this trip out to the ranch I got to see one of the newest babies. :-)

So sweet.

Mr. H. and his dad got the trailer hooked up and prepared to load the cows.

They were young and pretty small,
so they made quick work of getting them in the trailer.

This Momma was none too happy with them for taking her baby. :-(

#20 is loaded up and ready to go.

And here comes #19.

Ready to head to the auction barn.

Mr. Bubba was too young to leave at home for the few hours that it took to get to the ranch and back, so he went along for the ride. :-)

After the cattle were secured for the upcoming weekend sale,

all that was left to do was to grab a quick hamburger and fries at
Herk's Country Store - were they serve up the burgers on homemade jalapeno cheese buns.

It's some good eatin' for the ranch hands...
and the "helpers". ;-)

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