Wednesday, October 19, 2011

~a picket fence~

Mr. H. recently built a little fence to close in a portion of our front yard
so the doggies can enjoy being outside and still be safe.

I've always wanted a little picket fence. :-)

While it was being built,
we thought we were going to paint it white 
to match the trim of the house.

But, I ended up liking the natural wood so much,
 that I think we've decided not to paint it just yet.

Love the morning and evening sun on it.

Now my "babies" can enjoy laying out in the sunshine 
and I don't have to worry about them wandering off.

The sweetness of a picket fence! :-)

1 comment:

Mrs. H's mom said...

Love it! Great job. Looks nice in the front of the house. Can't wait to get to use it with Lucy and Lilly,Daisy and Bubba. They should have a ball.