Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend at the Lease

As you probably know, Mr. H. is a hunter.  It's what he does. :-)

In years past I've always stayed home with babies when he heads off
on hunting trips or for weekends at the deer lease.
But, these days...the babies go, too!

So, I decided to tag along to the lease with the rest of the family 
for the first weekend of deer season this year!

Mr. H. is on a lease by himself this year out in west Texas.
The property has a little, hundred year old farm house on it.

Mr. H., my daughter, and my son all hunt.

But not me. :-)
I joke that I spend my days tending and nurturing animals
and they stalk them! ;-)

The lease has a lovely pecan grove on it.

Mr. H. has put several feeders and deer blinds on the lease.

Some close friends of ours are on the adjoining lease.

Bubba and Daisy came along for the ride 
and kept me company when the family was off hunting.

I enjoyed walking around the yard of the house 
during the early mornings and evenings when everyone was gone.

Just thinking about who might have lived out here long ago.
Who might have used the well, the old root cellar, and the corrals.

I might, or might not, have pretended I was a pioneer woman. ;-)

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