Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Girls

We had a little excitement with the girls a few weeks ago.

After the winter molt, their feathers grew back in 
and before we had a chance to clip their wings back,
they started flying over the barnyard fence.

And oh boy, were they happy!
Wandering all around the yard.
Eating clover and bugs and worms.
Having the time of their little chicken lives.
They were living it up!

I loved seeing them all over the yard,
but I knew it wasn't safe 
and I didn't want to risk something happening to one of them.
Especially while they are still good egg layers! :-)

Miss Daisy was quite concerned herself,

and kept looking at me as if to say,
"Momma, this just isn't right!"

A week or so went by and then one afternoon,
our dog, Bubba, was out.  
He'd been out before and hadn't bothered the girls.

But this time, something was different!
He chased Loretta, caught her,
and almost bit her head off!

Mr. H. to the rescue!
He caught Bubba and pried his mouth off of Loretta.
She narrowly escaped!

We clipped the girl's wings the very next morning. :-)

I'll sure miss seeing them roam around in complete freedom.

But, keeping them safe in the barnyard is for their own good!

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