Monday, April 8, 2013

Deer Spotting

A half mile or so down our road,
we have a neighbor that has black buck antelope 
and axis deer on his property.
He also has at least one sika deer
that has been jumping some fences.

We've noticed him several times across the road from our house
visiting with the neighbors.

My husband left the house this afternoon,
and as he drove out of the drive he noticed 
that the sika deer was in the pasture.

I walked across the road to get a picture.

He came closer.

And posed for me. :-)

And then took off!

While I was outside this afternoon
I also spotted another deer
in our yard -

 "Bucky the Backyard Buck" 

Poor fellow,
I think he's seen better days. ;-)

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Mrs. H's mom said...

Enjoyed all your new posts. Will call you tomorrow. Love you