Friday, June 7, 2013

National Doughnut Day!

The first Friday in June each year is National Doughnut Day!
What a fun day to celebrate. :-)
This year instead of heading into town to our favorite doughnut shop,
I decided to try my hand at some good old fashioned homemade doughnuts.

I used a recipe that I found at Pretty Lil' Posies.
It was a good recipe and the dough rose really well.
I did change one thing, though, and used shortening instead of the butter called for.

I think the real trick to good at home doughnut making is all in the frying.
I used my electric skillet like the recipe suggested,
 but if you have a deep fat fryer that would definitely be the way to go.
It's so hard to keep a good constant temperature on your oil any other way.

These turned out really yummy, though, even without fyring them the best way.
As Mr. H. said after he tried one, "there ain't nothin' wrong with that doughnut!" ;-)

Fun doughnut holes!

And some sprinkles of course.

Happy National Doughnut Day! :-)

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