Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ranch Date :-)

The kids have been at camp this week,
and the day before we drove out to pick them up,
Mr. H. and I decided to head out to the ranch to spend the night.

Right past the gate on the way to the cabin and barn
we came across a fallen tree blocking the road.

Mr. H. hopped out of the truck and headed to the pump house to get the chain.

He tied it around the tree and pulled it as far as he could with the truck.

Then he drug it the rest of the way with brute strength. ;-)

And then,

we were

on our way!

Meanwhile the cows had heard the commotion,

and came over to say hello.

No, really they were just coming to see if we were going to feed them. ;-)

My in-laws had told us that there was a new (unexpected!) baby at the ranch.

Poor 'ol Rosie, who is entirely too old to be having a baby :-(
had a meet up with one of our neighboring rancher's cows and
 this sweet little calf was the result.
They both seem to be doing okay.

After checking on all the cows,
we headed down to the shooting range
to get a little target practice in.

I finally got to use my new "eyes" and "ears" that Mr. H. gave me for Christmas.
The custom gun and magazine holsters were hand made by Mr. H. :-)

I try to be a good student and listen to Mr. H.'s shooting tips.

I need to get better shooting the Glock.

But, I love to shoot the .22.  I feel like Annie Oakly, haha! ;-)

As the sun was setting, 
we headed back to the ranch cabin
to chow down on the bbq we brought with us 
and the yummy banana pudding I had made.

I also had big mason jars full of ice cold lemonade for each of us!

We enjoyed supper, watched a movie we brought with us 
and fell asleep listening to a tree frog serenade. 

Ranch dates are the best. :-)

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Lover of Sangria and Sunsets (yes, together) said...

This sounds like the perfect weekend right down to the lemonade. Glad you had a nice time.