Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What are the kittens up to this morning?

The kittens are ready to play as soon as the sun comes up every morning.

Chupa has learned the fine art of climbing.
I think she was contemplating climbing up a sunflower this morning...

...but thought better of it. :-)

This little elm is her favorite tree to climb.
It is just her size.

She scampers up really fast,
but the getting down part still takes a little thought.

I found little Leche on the porch playing with a plastic container.

And sweet Dulce was playing peek-a-boo behind a tree with Daisy.

And Chiclet was just hiding in the woods. :-)


Deb said...

Oh my goodness...these are adorable photos. Kittens just being kittens. I will say it again..I would get NOTHING done around this bunch. They would have me hook, line and sinker.

The Working Home Keeper said...

So cute!

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper