Monday, November 25, 2013

Enjoying the last days of autumn...

I love this picture of Patsy Cline the 2nd and Taylor Swift.
You can really see the green in Taylor's feathers here.
She is so pretty but her true feather colors rarely show up well in pictures.

The ducklings are seven weeks old now
and have been loving the cold rainy weather!

Their coloring is starting show.
And they're quacking!  So cute to hear!

Donald on the left and Daffy on the right.
I am thinking we have a male and a female because of the different markings.

They are supposed to be mallards,
but Mr. H. told me not to be surprised if they are a mixed breed
and only part mallard.

I was so thrilled that a bunch of zinnias came back 
after all the rain we've had over the last few weeks.
They were dead and gone towards the end of September,
but I crushed all the heads like my mom showed me to
and they came back like crazy.

We've only had temps dip below freezing one time this fall
and I covered them with a sheet.

I hope I get to enjoy them for a little bit longer!

And oh sweet Reeses...

how I love this dear cat
that decided to claim us as her family. :-)

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