Friday, December 13, 2013

Checking in on the Animals

Donald and Daffy are 10 weeks old now.

So cute and very loud!
I used to hear the chickens chattering outside the window when I type at my computer,
but now I hear the ducks quacking and they drown out the chickens!

They love their little "pond." ;-)

Merle is doing well.
Mr. H. had a little excitement this afternoon with him
that he told us about during supper.

He had left him eating alone in the corral 
thinking he wouldn't be able to squeeze under the lowest bar.
Guess what?  He did!
Mr. H. went outside and Merle wasn't in the corral anymore.
He found him in back behind the shed and had to pick him up and carry him
back to the barnyard while Merle squealed like he was being slaughtered.
If you've never heard a pig squeal…
well let's just say it's pretty much like standing
right beside a jet airplane while it takes off.
I am not kidding!

I may be a little biased, 
but I sure think Chupa and Chiclet 
are just the prettiest cats.

And, boy are they some spoiled little barn cats, too. ;-)

From The Farm Blog Hop

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