Tuesday, December 17, 2013

~Chocolate Dipped Spoons~

Mmmm!  Chocolate dipped spoons!

Such a fun, quick and easy Christmas time craft.

Easy for kiddos to do and such pretty results. :-)

A package of chocolate candy coating and a jar of sprinkles makes 4 dozen spoons.

Gift them as a bouquet. :-)

So festive.
Tie them onto a gift!

They pair wonderfully with homemade

Dip these spoons in any hot beverage -
coffee, cocoa, tea.
Nibble the melting chocolate off the spoon or completely stir it into your drink.
There is no wrong way to consume these tasty treats.

Enjoy! :-)

From The Farm Blog Hop


Tina Butler said...

These spoons are just darling. I can't wait to share them on my facebook page. I love the ribbon.

Mrs. H. said...

Thank you Tina! And thank you for sharing them at Mommy's Kitchen. :-)

TheLittleGreenWagon said...

Thank you for sharing! LOVE! Super cute idea! :)