Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lone Spring Kitten

Reeces had a spring litter of kittens in early March.
She had two - a gray and a tiny calico that didn't make it.

We didn't see much of the little gray kitten the first month.  Reeces kept it near the back shed mostly.
I would see it just for a little bit usually in the early evenings.

It looks so much like little Leche from last spring.
It's been coming out in the yard a little more and more
and doing a lot of playing with Chiclet and Chupa.

The kids named it "Luttrell" since it was the lone survivor this spring.

And this weekend Reeces let it start coming on the back porch.
Luttrell loves cardbord boxes as all the cats do. :-)


Mary said...

Oh how adorable, and so fluffy! Luttrell, after the SEAL. Your kids are wonderful. How are you feeling, better, I hope?

Deb said...

Goodness, I do think she was at the beginning of the line when 'cuteness' was handed out. Sweetest face ever. Hugs, Deb

Mrs. H. said...

Thank you, Mary, I am feeling better each day. I have worn the neck brace for 7 weeks now and I have 5 to go! Can't wait for the first night I am able to sleep without it. :-)

"At the beginning of the line" - love that! And, I agree. :-)