Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love These!

Put them on your kitchen window sill.
They smell delicious! :-)


Lady Farmer said...

Sending many Thanksgiving Blessings your way!

Lady Farmer

Anonymous said...

I love these! We always make the clove oranges every Christmas- it was always something fun for my little guys to do and kept little hands occupied. You're right - they smell wonderful! I often tuck one in a basket of goodies- and we always give them to friends, teachers,etc.
I have never made an apple one though- we must try it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy said...

Oh, I love these, too...I remember making them when back when I was in Girl Scouts!
Definitely need to do this again with my own girls...thanks for the reminder!
And Happy Thanksgiving!

ladybugsmom said...

I remember making these in kindergarden along with cranberry sauce. Of course, I don't think the pattern was quite as symmetrical as yours is ;-)

Wishing you and yours a day full of blessings and wonderful food

Anonymous said...

Thay look graet!


Mrs. H. said...

Thank you for the sweet Thanksgiving wishes! :-)