Friday, March 27, 2009

"Make a home; beautify and adorn it; cultivate all heavenly charms within it; sing sweet songs of love in it; bear your portion of toil, and pain, and sorrow in it; con daily lessons of strength and patience there; shine like a star on the face of the darkest night over it, and tenderly rear the children it shall give you in it. High on a pinnacle, above all earthly grandeur; all gaudy glitter, all fancied ambitions, set the home interest. Feed the mind in it; feed the soul in it; strengthen the love, and charity, and truth, and all holy and good things within it."

from The Royal Path of Life by Haines & Yaggy, 1879

as printed in
Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills
~Collections of the Homekeeper~
written and compiled by Mrs. Martha Green, 2005

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