Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Find

One good thing about counting calories (well, besides loosing weight!) is how you become very conscience of not wasting any. When you are limiting the number of calories you consume each day, you very quickly realize how important it is to make every bite count for nutrition and taste! I've found that you really enjoy your food even more and you are so much more purposeful about meals and cooking. It's fun! You also tend to seek out new foods to keep things interesting. Foods that are healthful, tasty and satisfying.

My newest love is this Lipton Bavarian Wild Berry tea.
At 0 calories it's a super mid-afternoon taste treat to look forward to! Very refreshing and yummy!

Just right to sip while looking through my chicken books! ;-)

Update - I tried Island Mango and Peach this afternoon! Yum! I think I need to try all the different flavors!

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Farrah said...

This is freaky because we have the same Pfaltzgraf Yorktowne and I'm currently drinking sweet tea from the same glass shown above!