Friday, December 27, 2013

December Babies

A week or two ago Mr. H. told me that he had spotted 
some new baby calves born to the longhorns that live across the road

Since then I have seen them a few times from our bedroom window,
but hadn't had a chance to walk over and take a peek at them until today.

There are three babies.

One is all black, one is all white,

and one is black with a white under belly, white spots on it's back hoofs,

and a white heart on his forehead! :-)

Isn't that the sweetest thing?!

From The Farm Blog Hop


MM said...

Are they all from the same mother? If so, with all those long legs, it must have been a complicated delivery.. They are so cute.

Lover of Sangria and Sunsets (yes, together) said...

Cows are on my list (yes, I have a list) of things that always make me smile.

Bonnie K said...

We used to put longhorn bulls on the heifers. They are so easy to calve out. Those little buggers came out every color of the rainbow and landed running. Gotta love them.

Ginney Camden said...

I love cows and would love to live somewhere that I could see them daily.