Friday, June 6, 2008

Recipe for a Birthday Party :-)

Take some balloons,

a few streamers,

some "flower" leis,

parasol straws, :-)

and pretty plates for pizza.

Stir in a few sea shells,

soda pop on ice,

and the mandatory jelly bellys.

Add water!

Warm in the sun for several hours.
Soon you'll have a house full of giggly girls and lots of fun! :-)
"There is beauty in homely things which many people have never seen. For instance, do you know
Sunlight through a jar of peach-plum jelly;
A rainbow in soapsuds in dishwater;
An egg yolk in a blue bowl;
White ruffled curtains sifting moonlight;
The color of cranberry glass;
A little cottage with blue shutters;
Crimson roses in an old stone crock;
The smell of newly baked bread;
Candlelight on old brass;
The soft brown of a cocker's eyes?"

~Peter Marshall

Enjoy the beauty that is all around you
and have a wonderful weekend!