Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  
Are you cooking today or travelling?

What were they??

Some guesses were -
sunflower seeds, bird gravel, chicken grit, lentils, fish gravel, whole black pepper and mustard seeds.

They really were
a two pound bag of...

Texas Bluebonnet Seeds!

Special ordered from Wildseed Farms.

In my area, you are supposed to plant bluebonnet seeds right before Thanksgiving!

Bible Quiz Day 24

Answer to question 23 - Judah (Matthew 2:6)

Question 24 - Naaman had a dreaded disease called __________.  He was told to dip __________ times in the __________ River that he might be healed.

Daily Bible Reading 2010

Today's reading - 
Ezekiel 28
Palms 119:49-64
Proverbs 24
Colossians 1-2