Friday, February 20, 2009

A Knitted Bag

I knitted a bag this week
with a bargin bin skein of Red Heart "Grande" yarn in linen.

Just a simple long rectangle folded over and pieced
with straps added.
I think I might make another one a bit wider
- it would be perfect for a child's library book bag. :-)

Show and Tell Friday

For Kelli's Show and Tell Friday this week I am sharing my favorite book from childhood, Little Mommy. I can still quote many of the pages. ;-) My mom brought me a copy when she recently came for a visit. I would like to share the sweet pictures and words with you today. I hope you enjoy!

Little Mommy
written and illustrated by Sharon Kane

a Little Golden Book published in 1967

This is my house and I am the mommy,
My children are Annabell, Betsy and Bonny.

They are good little children and do just as I say.
I put on their coats and they go out to play.

Billy is Daddy; he works in the city.
He has a new car. Isn't it pretty?

I do the dishes and sweep the floor.

And wipe the finger prints off the door.

I wash the clothes in my washing machine.
I scrub them with soap and rinse them clean.

Then I hang them on the line to dry.
I'll have to iron them bye and bye.

My children like to go for a ride.
They sit in the buggy side by side.

Now I will teach you the ABCs,
And who can count to ten for me?

I think it's time for me to bake.
I'll make some cookies and ginger cake.

My neighbor comes for a cup of tea.
We have a party by the cherry tree.

Oh dear! I'm afraid Betsy is ill!
I put her to bed and give her a pill.
I call on the phone for Doctor Dan.
He says he'll come as soon as he can.

Danny is Doctor and he comes in a hurry.
He takes her temperature and says, "Don't worry."
"She'll be well as quick as a wink.
It's just the mumbledy bumps, I think."

Dinner is ready, don't be late.
Put on your bibs and sit up straight!
We're having potatoes and blueberry stew.
Now eat your spinach, it's good for you.

Sit on my lap,
it's story time.
I'll read a poem
and a nursery rhyme.

It's bath time now for my little dears.
I scrub their necks and wash their ears.

I tuck them in bed
and sing them a song
And they'll be asleep
before very long.

We Mommies have such a lot to do.
Good night, dollies, I'm sleepy too.

You can visit Kelli for more Show and Tell Friday. And, please let me know if you remember Little Mommy from your childhood, too! :-)