Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Activities for Children

keeping 'em busy...

Websites to explore -

Books we've enjoyed -
"Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving - A Book of Drawing Fun" by Janice Kinnealy
"Crafts for Thanksgiving" by Kathy Ross
"Cranberry Thanksgiving" by Wende Devlin
"A Turkey for Thanksgiving" by Eve Bunting
"Why We Have Thanksgiving" by Margaret Hillert
"Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner" by Lillian Hoban
"Thanksgiving Day Crafts" by Arlene and Herbert Erlbach
"Thanksgiving" by Cass R. Sandak
"Over the River and Through the Woods" by Lydia Maria Child
"Pilgrims - a Magic Treehouse Research book" by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce
"Thanksgiving Unit Study Adventures" by Amanda Bennett

Fun things to do -

invited me to join her home school open house. Please visit Tammy to discover what other home schools are doing to celebrate Thanksgiving! :-)