Sunday, May 18, 2014

Such a happy day!

Today marks 10 weeks that I have completed in my neck brace!
My next doctor appointment is just a week and a half a way. :-)
Happy, happy day!

~Keurig Love~

Well, I'm on the Keurig bandwagon now.
I got one for Mother's Day and for the past week I have absolutely loved it.

I got a couple of boxes of our favorite k-cups at the grocery last week.
But then my amazon order came in of 36 different kinds and 
that sent me from keurig believer straight into keurig love! ;-)

My whole family had fun looking at all the different kinds!

And, then I loaded up my carousal. 

The assortment came with plenty of coffees of course, plus hot cocoas and ciders,

teas and decafs,

and flavored varieties.

I said this one, called "dark and handsome" must have been sent for Mr. H. ;-)

My daughter and I said we'd fight over the "pumpkin vanilla creme" one. 
(Of course I'll let her have it though!)

The first one I tried was the "peanut butter and jelly sandwich" crazy cup flavor!  How fun!

I plan to also get an insert that keurig sells were you can just use your own regular coffee in your machine instead of the k-cups.   

But, for a while I will love, love, love the novelty of a whole coffee shop sitting on my kitchen counter!
I am just loving my Keurig.

I can't wait to have company over and have them be able to select and make
 any hot beverage they'd like.  How neat is that?! :-)