Friday, August 8, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

I have been wishing to participate in Kelli's "Show and Tell Friday" for weeks, but just couldn't think of anything to share. And then it happened...I was dusting my bookshelf on Tuesday afternoon, the day I was making the "Little House" Inspired Supper, and I saw my treasure from Rocky Ridge Farm. Aha! - I had found my "Show and Tell"!

On our visit to Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri, a few years ago, I sat on the stump of a pecan tree in the yard of the home. A sign beside it said that the tree had been planted by Laura and Almanzo around 1900. In 2002 wind claimed the tree. When it was chopped down, the curators of the home and museum at Rocky Ridge prepared pieces of it that were available for purchase inside the gift shop. I was so excited and told my husband that was definitely what I wanted for my souvenir - to take home a little piece of Laura's Rocky Ridge. Inside the gift shop, we searched around but couldn't find any of the tree pieces. We asked the shop keeper and she said that they were out of the mounted pieces. I know she saw my face fall, because she quickly said to hold on while she went to check for sure. Back she came with a piece of tree, apologizing that it wasn't fixed up for sale. I was thrilled, told her I'd take it just like it was, and she gave it to me for free. :-)

At the gift shop my daughter bought a little resin figurine of "Jack" the brindle bulldog.

And I also went home with a CD of the only known recording of Laura's voice, which we listened to in the car as we left Rocky Ridge. :-)

Thank you for visiting my show and tell and thank you, Kelli, for being such a sweet hostess! :-) You can visit more "Show and Tell Friday" at There Is No Place Like Home.