Monday, May 26, 2014

Pimento Cheese on a Rainy Day

Nothing like a simple pimento cheese sandwich for lunch on a dark, rainy day.

Now, I'm not talking grocery store pimento cheese, mind you.  Sorry Prices! ;-)
I'm talking good 'ol, old fashioned, homestyle pimento cheese.

Homestyle Pimento Cheese
makes 8 servings

1 pound velveeta cheese
2 oz jar chopped pimentos
4 tablespoons mayonaise
onion salt to taste - a little goes a long way

Grate cheese into a bowl.
Add pimentos, mayonnaise, and onion salt.
Stir until combined.
Serve immediately.  
Refrigerate leftovers.

Best served with Ruffles potato chips and a glass of iced tea. :-)

Menu Plan Monday

Supper Menus
May 26th - June 1st

take-out bbq

hamburgers, french fries, ranch style beans

make your own individual pizzas

soft tacos, spanish rice, pinto beans

out for supper

breakfast for supper - pepper bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown casserole, biscuits 

pot roast, salad, dinner rolls