Sunday, September 7, 2008

Menu Planning

Some things to do when planning weekly menus -

  • check the weather I always check our ten day forecast before menu planning. If rain or a cool front is on the way I want to be ready with something warm and cozy on the menu.
  • check the calendar I check to see what kind of outside activities we have planned for each day, how much time I'll have in the kitchen during the afternoons, and how much time the family will have to linger over supper each evening.
  • check the sales circular It is especially helpful to see what meats are on special before planning main dishes.
  • plan chicken, beef, pork, fish, and non-meat meals I try to spread out the types of main dishes we are going to have over the week to keep variety. For example - if we're going to have three chicken meals, I'll plan them for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • think about color I visualize how the meal will look on my family's plates as I chose side dishes, salads and breads. I think about what colors look appetizing together.
  • don't repeat foods This is probably just me! But, I don't like to duplicate a food in one meal. For example - I have a hard time putting tomatoes in a salad when we have spaghetti sauce in the main dish. ;-) haha
  • plan a special dessert once a week It's so fun to make a new or favorite dessert once a week. I like to do this on Saturdays.

Have fun planning menus for your sweet family!

Supper Menus
September 8th-13th

poppy seed chicken, sweet baby carrots, lettuce and tomato salad, dinner rolls
beef stew, biscuits, apple crisp
quesadillas, guacamole, pico di gallo, tortilla chips
swiss steak, cheese potato puff, dinner rolls
chili, carrots and celery sticks, cornbread
take out hot wings, autumn cheesecake

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"The question for each man
is not what he would do if he had
the means, time, influence,
and educational advantages,
but what he will do
with the things he has."


illustration courtesy of
"Pond at Daybreak" by Jeffrey Leonard