Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break!

Ahh!  It's feeling like spring time around these parts.

The chickens are happily clucking.

The bradford pears are blooming.

The bees are buzzing.

The onions are growing.

And, I always think Miss Daisy
looks like a little spring lamb
when she comes back fresh from the groomers.

Happy Spring Break! :-)


Carrie (Underwood ;-), my Ameraucana,
is one year old this week!

I'm so glad she transitioned into the flock last spring
as well as she did.  She was on her own instead of 
being transitioned with another pullet as planned.

She lays a blue/green egg everyday and 
stays close to home when she free ranges.
She's a sweetie.

Blueberries :-)

Similar to a
or a

this blueberry crostata from
was so yummy and
a perfect, blueberry, Spring Break treat.

Spring Cleaning

I've been a fan of
cleaning products for along time.
They are such a treat.

I was so excited to find the
products at my grocery store
and couldn't wait to do some 
spring cleaning with them.

I bought them as a special treat,
came home and used the counter spray
and my family nixed the fragrance right away. :-(
ALL three of them didn't like it.
So, back went the sweet honeysuckle to the store
and I'll be spring cleaning with my trusty
scent that we all love.

I'm hoping to try out the new
scent on the family soon.
We'll see how that goes.
My daughter said, "WHY would we want the house to smell like radishes??" 
They just don't understand... ;-)

Something else that I've tried recently 
are the ever popular 
"magic erasers".

I was very skeptical,
 but look what one little swipe
did to my yucky back door!

And I couldn't believe what the bath scrubber 
did for my kid's vinyl bath tub.  A-mazing!
Ever tried them?

Drying Herbs

Mr. H. and I are changing up our gardening areas this spring
and we've moved my herb garden.
My oregano really weathered the winter well
and was thriving
but I was worried it wouldn't survive a transplant, 
so I decided to dry what I had.

Instead of bundling stems with strings and then tying the bundles
to another string,
Mr. H. thought of this quick and easy way to hang them up.

It took no time to clip them with clothes pins and 
then we strung the clothes pins onto a string. 

It has taken a little longer than I thought it would for them to dry completely.
Today is two weeks in and I think they are almost done.
They should be really "crunchy" 
when I strip them off the stem for long term storage.