Sunday, January 4, 2009

Supper Menus
January 5th-10th

comforting chicken casserole, green beans, carrots, laura ingalls wilder's gingerbread
pot roast, home style macaroni and cheese, green peas, dinner rolls

Living Room Organization

I am participating in this month's "Organizing Round-Up" contest hosted by Organizing Junkie. The month of December focus is on living rooms. I worked in the tv area of our living room on two spots that were needing attention.

Our Wii equipment organization left a lot to be desired. ;-)
And that is because, there was no organization! Everyone was just putting things where ever! I needed to make some "homes". A place for everything and everything in its place. :-)

Mr. H. suggested using baskets to store the controllers and the games. (What he actually said was ~ "Why don't you go buy some baskets to help organize this?" Now, if that's not speaking my love language, I don't know what is!)

Keeping the controllers in a basket will free up the small drawer
to store the remote controls and instruction manuals.

Our entertainment cabinet was also in quite a disarray!

I took every thing out, sorted through what I wanted to keep
and then arranged nicely what was left.
And now we have room to grow! ;-)

Thank you Laura for hosting the round-ups! I have enjoyed participating this year. :-)