Thursday, July 18, 2013

~bull calf~

Well, we have a calf at our house. 

It's the baby calf we saw at my in law's ranch last month.
Rosie, the momma, didn't make it and my in laws found the little baby this past weekend
without it's momma and not doing very well at all.
It doesn't look much bigger than it did a month ago.

My in laws do not live full time at the ranch
so they asked us if we would keep it at our place,
bottle feed it and try to help him survive.
They brought him over to our house on Tuesday
and I fully didn't expect it to live until we got home 
from our vacation last night.

But, so far so good.
He's alert, standing, eating some, drinking
and pooping. :-)

We're going to do our best,
and I hope he makes it.

Because, of course, I am already totally in love.

Back from the Beach!

We're home from a trip to 
one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Can you guess?

We were in Destin, on Florida's Emerald Coast! :-)

I'm a beach lovin' girl and I've been to lots of beautiful beaches -
Waikiki, Malibu, South Padre, and Miami to name a few,
but Miramar Beach at Destin has become my favorite.
The only beach I've been to that tops it is Cancun.
But as far as beaches in the United States go, I officially love Destin the most! :-) 

It was SO beautiful and we had perfect weather.
The water was swimming pool clear and just the right temperature.
The sugar sand was so white and pretty, and amazingly cool.
There was very little seaweed and NO jellyfish! ;-)

My kiddos both love the water and have declared Destin 
one of their top favorite vacations we've ever taken as well!

We got to spend three whole days at the beach and that was just about right
for Mr. H. and my son, but my daughter and I could have easily stayed a week. :-)

We stayed in a little house that was just a short walk to the beach.
It had wood floors, a screened in porch, and lots of wicker furniture.
I thought it was so charming! 

Wish I could have stayed forever! :-)