Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Tips

Get creative with the Halloween candy!

~ fun ideas for using up the leftover treats ~

stir M&M's into cookie dough

chop butterfingers, baby ruths, twix & reeses peanut butter cups
for choose your own "ice cream blend-ins"

fold chopped snickers into brownie batter

use chopped heath bars on top of iced cakes

add your favorite candy bar to a milk shake

Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti
6-8 servings

12 ounces uncooked ziti or small tube pasta
1 pound ground beef
1 jar (28 ounces) spaghetti sauce
2 eggs
1 carton (15 ounces) ricotta cheese
2 1/2 cups (10 ounces) shredded mozzarella cheese, divided
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Cook pasta according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook beef over medium heat until no longer pink; drain. Stir in spaghetti sauce. In a large bowl, combine the eggs, ricotta cheese, 1-1/2 cups mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese. Drain pasta; add to cheese mixture and toss to coat. Spoon a third of the meat sauce into a greased 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish; top with half of the pasta mixture. Repeat layers. Top with remaining meat sauce. Cover and bake at 350° for 40 minutes. Uncover; sprinkle with remaining mozzarella cheese. Bake 5-10 minutes longer or until cheese is melted. Let stand for 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

"Become a possibilitarian.
No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are,
raise your sights and see possibilities -
always see them, for they're always there."

~ Norman Vincent Peale

illustration courtesy of www.allposters.com
"Autumn Trail" by Tan Chun


"I promise to do my best
To do my duty
to God and my country,
To help other people, and
to obey the Law of the Pack."

Cub Scout Promise

photo courtesy of Mr. H.